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Trident Gum Ingredients and Facts

Trident gum is an extremely popular brand of gum throughout the world. After first being offered in the nineteen sixties as the first gum to contain no sugar, it became best known for its slogan, "Four out of Five Dentists would recommend sugarless gum to patients who chew gum."

Trident does not, in fact, use sugar and instead uses a chemical called "xylitol" which is a type of "sugar alcohol". Xylitol actually protects teeth and is good for you. Trident also uses these chemicals in their product:

Trident offers many different types of gum and flavors. Trident offers these following sub-brands of gum:

Trident- the original, rectangular shaped gum. This is the most commonly found Trident product.

Trident White- Shaped like pellets like Dentyne gum. Marketed as a teeth whitener.

Trident Fusion- Shaped like original Trident. Offers two different flavors mixed together in one package.

Trident Splash- Shaped like pellets like Trident White. This gum has a flavor full liquid filling inside the gum.

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